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New Clarivate webinars

Clarivate is a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics. Clarivate invites scientists, educators, undergraduates, and graduate students to a free webinar series about Web of Science, a scientific database of academic literature and patents that includes tools for scientometric analysis.

Webinars are free, in Ukrainian, in WEBEX and sometimes ZOOM, please note that WEBEX does not support the XP operating system and below and outdated browser versions, choose the appropriate technology in advance. Pre-registration is required, choose a convenient time, follow the link, click on the word Register and fill out the questionnaire. A participant's certificate is provided if more than 90% of the main time of the webinar is attended. Before meeting.

Clarivate Series for Scholars

April 13 2023

Topic: Search queries in the Web of Science Core Collection without secrets

Abstracts: In the webinar, we will consider four types of Web of Science Core Collection searches: basic, advanced, in the attached bibliography, and by author. Let's analyze what we can find, from which sources, search syntax, difficulties that users may encounter and how to avoid them. Let's repeat the saving and analysis of the results.

Research Smarter series

April 27

Topic: Profile of a researcher in Web of Science

Abstracts: Scientific institutions need the professional activity of their scientists to be correctly reflected in their public profiles. In addition, such profiles are useful for filling internal information systems with verified and confirmed information about scientific publications, citations, reviews or work in journal editorial boards.
Attend this session to learn all about the new Web of Science researcher profiles that can:
- Increase the visibility of your institution
- Help researchers receive citation notifications for their work
- To help researchers to be noticed by grant-makers and potential co-authors
- Integrate with the new API for researchers


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