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    How to write and publish a scientific article?

Where to print it? How not to violate the norms of copyright or ethics of scientific research? Is it necessary to review your article? What to do after publishing? How to save and disseminate the results of your research? Today, in Ukraine there are over 2000 titles (and in the world more than 100 thousand!) of registered scientific journals.

   Tykhonkova Iryna, Yaroshenko Tetiana: "How to get published in a high-quality journal: a guide"

    How to choose a magazine to better disseminate research results?

Part of the Ukrainian scientific journals is included in the "List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, in which the results of dissertation papers may be published for obtaining the degrees of a doctor and a candidate of sciences." However, often scholars, as well as journal editors, do not pay attention that "Printed (electronic) scientific edition is included in the List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine for a term of five years".

Not complicated calculation shows that the publications registered before January 2011 are no longer considered professional and must be re-registered.

In addition, it should be kept in mind that some editions are recognized as professional for several specialties and the inclusion dates for different specialties may vary.

There are also several Ukrainian editions, that are not indexed in this list but have gained worldwide recognition, which is supported by indexing in Web of Science and Scopus.  So which journal to choose for publication?

We give only facts, the choice is yours!


Often we get a request to advise magazines or institutions on a specific topic. Therefore, the Seminars page, which contains upcoming events involving our team members, and a list of topics we are ready to host at your institution, has been created.

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