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Access to ScienceDirect in NaUKMA

From January 1, 2021, NaUKMA started annual access to e-books (almost 39 thousand publications) on the ScienceDirect platform (including indefinite access to the collection of 2088 electronic monographs 2019-2020).

ScienceDirect is Elsevier's full-text database, which contains 25% of the world's scientific publications in all fields of knowledge from more than 47,000 influential authors.

The ScienceDirect platform presents such types of scientific publications as: Elsevier e-books (eBooks), book series (Hand Series), reference books (Handbook), textbooks (Textbooks), etc.

Among the advantages of using the ScienceDirect platform are a user-friendly and intuitive interface, widespread full-text download formats (PDF and HTML) and the availability of hyperlinks to a significant number of scientific, technical and medical articles on the platforms of other publishers.

Webinars on working with the ScienceDirect database:

The first steps in ScienceDirect
Reading is learning
Curious Barbara at the bazaar's nose was not torn off
ScienceDirect - open access capabilities

Access: from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021 in the local network (on the NaUKMA campus) / remote authorized access.


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