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Current trends, current challenges and international support for research

On November, 2, Donetsk National Technical University hosted an information day "Current trends, current challenges and international support for scientific research". The event was attended by teachers, staff and students of DonNTU and the Industrial Institute, in addition, representatives of several other universities of the Donetsk region joined it by means of video-communication.

A meeting was opened to discuss the current state of science in Ukraine. Speaker Tetyana Yaroshenko, vice president for scientific work and informatization of the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", chairman of the board of the NGO "Ukrainian Fulbright Circle", began her speech on the general characteristics of scientific publications, their development, analysis of the current state and trends. As for the state of science, Mrs. Tatiana dwelt in detail on her essence, as well as on the consideration of topical science-centered databases (Web of Science, Scopus, etc.) and the place of Ukraine in them. After a report, participants heard a number of practical reports on how to write scientific articles, where to publish them, how to popularize, etc.

The speaker stressed that the range of potential applicants is quite wide: senior students, graduates of higher education, graduate students, young teachers and researchers can take part in the program. In addition, the conditions are quite attractive: most of the Fulbright programs cover the cost of tuition at the university, medical insurance, travel costs on both sides and provides a monthly scholarship, as well as additional funds for the purchase of professional literature.

At the end of the presentation, Tatiana Yaroshenko spoke about her own experience of participating in the Fulbright programs and actively invited the young people to join her, and the vice-rector of DonNTU on scientific and pedagogical work Victoria Voropayeva expressed wishes for continuation and coordination of further cooperation between DonNTU and NaUKMA and presented guests with memorable souvenirs of university symbols.


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