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The program of the open access week at NaUKMA


IN THE PROGRAM OF Open Acess Week:

   October 23 (Monday), 16-30 - Film Screening of NaUKMA Film "Open access in Ukraine: from separate islands to the global environment", "NaUKMA supports Open Access Movement" with discussion of topics.

Where: Viktor Kytasty American Library, NaUKMA, 4-118.

Moderated by Aleksa Yaroshenko and Svitlana Chukanova

   October 24 (Tuesday), 15-00: Seminar-presentation "Open Access, Open Data, Open Science: Time Challenges".

Conducted by: Yaroshenko Tetyana, Vice-President for Science and Information Science of NaUKMA, Head of the Center for Science and Research Digital Support

Where: Vuktor Kytasty American Library, NaUKMA, 4-118.

   October 25 (Wednesday), 10-00: Digital Library of Kyiv: Presentation of the NaUKMA project submitted to the Public Budget of Kyiv (project No. 679, who has not yet voted, support!

Conducted by: Chorna Tetyana, Director of the NaUKMA Scientific Library, is in charge
Where: American Library, NaUKMA, 4-118

    October 26 (Thursday), 14-00: Consideration of the Institutional Repository of NaUKMA at the meeting of the Academic Council of NaUKMA.
Speaker: Yaroshenko Tetyana, Vice-president of scientific work and informatization of NaUKMA

       October, 26 - Digital Humanities workshop. Moderator: Chukanova Svitlana, presentation here.


    October 27 - Marathon for adding links to open source Wikipedia!

Time: 10:00 to 13:00.

Where: Viktor Kytasty American Library, NaUKMA.

Moderator: Anna Hrobolova


All week and all year - Informing about the most active NaUKMA researchers, presenting results of researches in the open access

Responsible: Oleksandra Lystopad


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