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How to find all Ukrainian magazines in Scopus

Researchers are often looking for a list of Ukrainian magazines that are part of Scopus's science-based database. Steps needed to view the list of all the names of Ukrainian magazines indexed by Scopus.

1 way - on Elsevier website

  1. Go to the Scopus Content page.
  2. Find the file Download the Source title list (XLSX, 16.2 MB) at the bottom of the page.
  3. Download the document to your computer.
  4. Open file
  5. This is a table of data about all journals indexed in Scopus. In this table, you need to find the "Publisher's country" column.
  6. This column should be sorted. To do this, there is an arrow in the lower right corner of the "Publisher's Country" cell.
  7. A form for sorting will open.
  8. You need to deselect all countries, to do this remove the check mark next to the phrase "Select All".
  9. Find Ukraine on the list and put a check mark next to it.
  10. Press OK.
  11. In our table, only Ukrainian magazines have remained.
  12. Data in this table is the latest, it is updated every 3 months.

2 way - on Scimago Journal & Country Rank website

  1. Go to the Scimago Journal & Country Rank website
  2. Select section JOURNAL RANKS
  3. Sort by filter "All regions \ countries"
  4. Find Ukraine on the list
  5. A list of Ukrainian magazines indexed in Scopus and Web of Science opens.
  6. In order to leave journals indexed only in the Web of Science - we put a checkmark next to Only WoS Journals
  7. Data in this table - is updated automatically once a year. So, for example, if we use it in 2018, we see the list for 2017.


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